Monday, April 17, 2006

And Peeps to His People on Earth

Above quote uttered by my 5 year old Lydia yesterday. She is also the one who has repeatedly and with a straight face referred to my husband's dearly departed Aunt Vivian as "Amphibian". Never a dull moment with this one.

Am having internal struggle over Easter hoopla. "Here, kids. Have a bunch of brightly colored, foil -wrapped candy that I purchased. But don't eat it!!!!" I like it when they get tired of it and it becomes less of an issue. And really, who cares if they eat a chocolate bunny before breakfast on Easter Sunday. I frequently tell them, "ok, but if you barf, you're cleaning it up." I am mother of the year, I tell ya.

Tomorrow I return to school and have a small case of "Sunday-itis" to prove it. Since it's Monday and I had Thursday and Friday off, it's not soo bad. Summer is calling me, though. I gave a bag of papers to correct a ride home, where they have sat, taunting me. Grrrr.

But, today, I play! I pretend that I'm a stay at home mom and go with my children to a friend's house to play. The kids run around, the mom's drink coffee and laugh and talk. Oh, the life!


Blogger Pigs said...

I dream of that life....

4/18/2006 5:49 PM  

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