Thursday, May 04, 2006

Things that don't make sense at my school:

1. Today when students and staff parked in the lot we sometimes share with the chiro. college across the street were harassed by power tripping security guy. We were TOLD to park in the lot because the regular parking lot was blocked off for Operation Prom- anti drinking and driving campaign- prom is this weekend.

2. We have many sections of classes that are needed for next year and not enough staff. Superintendent says we can't hire more staff. It's the classic 10 pounds of shit being stuffed into a 5 pound bag. We either need a new bag or less shit. Duh.

3. 2 of our finest sp.ed. teachers are being reassigned because in the process of being audited for some NCLB crap, they determined that these teachers technically weren't qualified to teach what they've collectively been teaching for 30 YEARS.

4. As part of our attendance policy, we are to refer kids to the dean at 3, 6 and 9 absences, because at 10 they are on failing status. So, good students who miss a class 3 times to attend a state swim meet and a band competition are being sent to the dean's office to plead their case and be Made Aware of the Policy.

Parent -teacher conferences were last night- we do them 4 times a year because we are on block scheduling. It's quite the event- the entire staff in the cafeteria and parents vying for 5 minutes of your time so you can blow smoke up their ass about how great their kids are or aren't. Actually, it's kind of interesting to meet the parents- it often times explains a lot. But, we often end up seeing the parents of students who are getting like an A+. What do you say? "Over Achiever is doing great. Keep up the good work!" At any rate, I am absolutely fried today- 30 conferences in 3 hours.


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