Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Journey to the Center of My Mind

Things I'm thinking about today:

While watching daytime television:
1. Why on earth does "Good Times" need to be in syndication? Jimmy Walker has got to be one of the most revolting people ever.
2. Flavor Flav needs to maybe forego the purchase of his next timepiece and get that bulldog jaw of his fixed.
3. Is there a 12 step program to help people like me, who get sucked into watching VH1 shows and cannot seem to get enough?
4. Here's a trivia question: What to John Stamos, Rick Springfield and Demi Moore all have in common? *Hint* The answer has nothing to do with Kevin Bacon, or sleeping with Ashton Kutcher.

While hanging my laundry on the line:
1. I am so happy not to live in some prissy, snooty subdivision that forbids the hanging of laundry on an unsightly clothesline.
2. Also happy not to live in prissy snotty subdivision where all homes are varying shades of beige, taupe, tan, grey, and cream.
3. Why does the tag bearing the name "brand" of my cheap underwear from Marshall's say "Eyeshadow"? What the hell kind of name is that for an underwear company? Is it because the sight of me wearing them should make one want to shade their eyes? Or is it because the undergarment actually is dual purpose- aside from the obvious, you could drape them across your brow in really bright light, thus providing an eye shadow?
4. Why have I never called underwear "panties"? Even when my girls were teeny tiny, we've always called them underwear, underpants, undies, or unders? I think it's because "panties" sounds kind of dirty.
5. Feeling pretty good about using the sun instead of kilowatt-sucking dryer.
6. Feeling pretty sure Al Gore is right while standing in melonoma-inducing sunlight, complete with harmful UV rays.

While making lunch:
1. Does everyone get Kitchen Fuzz?
2. How often is often enough to scrub out kitchen cabinets, clean inside of fridge, on top of upper cabinets?
3. What were they thinking when they chose the floral/coordinating striped wallpaper that graces my kitchen walls and matches the butt-ugly hunter green countertop?

While writing this post:
1. Perhaps I have too much time on my hands.
2. Maybe I need a hobby.
3. Maybe it's time for me to start getting ready to go back to school.


Blogger liberalbanana said...

Oh how I envy you... I want to be at home right now.

You ask how often you need to clean parts of your home? I say: whenever you feel that they're gross.

8/03/2006 3:18 PM  
Blogger happychyck said...

When you find that 12 step program, please let the rest of us know...

8/03/2006 3:47 PM  
Blogger zygote daddy said...

Wait, you're supposed to clean the INSIDE of kitchen cabinets, too? Man oh man...

As for the top of the upper cabinets, I figure if none of the other homeowners in the previous decades have bothered to clean there, who am I to interrupt such a long-standing tradition?

8/03/2006 4:35 PM  
Blogger dear wife said...

Yes ZD and this is why about once a month I take over the kitchen and give it a good scrubbing. But I have to admit the top of my fridge hardly ever sees a sponge.

8/03/2006 8:53 PM  
Blogger Teacher lady said...

See, this is why I think we were somehow separated at birth. Just last night, I was channel surfing and I thought, "Why in gob's name is Flavor Flav famous? Really?" And I hate the word "Panties." Hate it, hate it, hate it. It sounds like something a pimp would say to one of his prostitutes. Also, I am so easily sucked into bad shows, it's not even funny. I probably should just get rid of the TV entirely. Imagine all the books I would read!

8/06/2006 10:32 AM  
Blogger Mrs. Chicky said...

Ha! I have that same problem with VH1! I'm watching 'I love the 90s' right now. I think we need a support group.

I'm also with you on the panties thing. Underwear may be a much longer word but at least I don't have to take a shower after saying it.

Thanks for the kind comment on my blog!

8/06/2006 7:19 PM  
Blogger Wendy Boucher said...

I never clean inside of my cupboards. I just move.

8/07/2006 6:34 PM  

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