Friday, August 11, 2006

Page view or Visit?

Many of you who have blogs out there probably have some sort of site meter. I myself have one of the free variety that basically just tells me how many people are looking at my blog and at what time of day. Simple, right? Okay, but I still don't get the difference between "page view" and "visit". Anyone out there have an answer for me? Anyone?


Blogger IB a Math Teacher said...

I think that one is added to a visit when someone is viewing your blog.

However, if I view 3 pages on your blog (say the main page, and then two archived pages), that would be three page views.

I think!

8/15/2006 1:03 AM  
Blogger liberalbanana said...

I believe the difference is that the VISITS number is the number of individual computers have come to your site. PAGE VIEWS is the number of times these computers have accessed your site. So if I came here 150 times today, it would register 1 visit and 150 page views. If I hit "Refresh" that would count, too. That's what I've gathered from's info.

8/17/2006 11:50 AM  
Blogger spain dad said...

Hey there. Since you stopped by yesterday, I thought I would come and see what you've been blogging about.

I do some web design, and the comments your friends left are right on. Visits is the number of individual computers that have visited your site. Page Views is the number of pages those computers browsed.

Here's a bit of math for you. If you divide the number of Page Views by the number of Visits, you can tell how many pages each visitor is looking at. So if you have 300 page views from 100 visitors, that means each visitor is looking at 3 pages on your website on average.

Also, I thought I'd leave you with a recommendation. If you like simple stats, use SiteMeter. If you want the whole ball of wax, try out Google Analytics. They're both free.

8/22/2006 5:00 AM  

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