Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Inner Priss

I have mentioned my Inner Priss on several occasions. Those of you who know me either as a "real person" or through this blog know that I am not a prissy person. I swear like a sailor, I enjoy a bit of blue humor, I laugh at bathroom jokes, I watch South Park and The Family Guy.

And yet, she lives within me, my Inner Priss. She rears her perfectly combed head from time to time- like when my daughters say "fart" and "butt". The Inner Priss prefers that they say "pass gas" and "bottom", or maybe even "toot" and "heinie".

IP made an appearance twice this evening. We attended the Festival of Trees as a family. Part of the festival includes local dance classes performing throughout the evening. Some of the dances that little girls were doing should have been done while hanging onto a pole. Have you seen Little Miss Sunshine? Not far off. I guess I don't think it's appropriate for 7 year olds to be shaking their shoulders and writhing on the floor. Remember Solid Gold, with host Rick Dees and featuring the Solid Gold Dancers? My mother would just cringe when those women would roll around on the floor and then strike a dramatic pose when the clip of the song ended.

The Festival of Trees also hosts a dance for teens, which happened to be tonight. Let me tell you that I have recently chaperoned a high school dance. I work with teenagers every day. I enjoy them. I know they need to strut their stuff a bit. But. Some of the outfits I saw the girls wearing tonight were just positively hoochie. One girl had on a pink micro mini skirt with white fur trim, white go go boots and some skimpy top and a Santa hat. She looked like a stripper. Several girls' dresses looked like nighties, and lucky for everyone, you could see right through them, so if you were wondering what color of Victoria's Secret thong they had on, wonder no more. One girl was hobbling along in a tall, shiny, red pair of F*** Me pumps, wearing a sparkly skirt that barely covered her ass. Most years when we go, we see the kids coming in for the dance as we are leaving and I enjoy seeing them all dressed up. This is really the first year that I was struck by how slutty a lot of the girls looked.

My Inner Priss and my Inner Feminist were having quite a discussion. Is this really what we want our daughters and sisters and nieces to show the world? What message are they sending? I'm not against showing a little skin- especially when you are still young and everthing is still where it belongs, but this current trend of showing it all and living life like a Playboy Bunny is disturbing.

I guess I'll go drink my glass of Metamucil and watch some Golden Girls before I put on my flannel nightgown and go to sleep.


Blogger CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

I am constantly amazed at the (how shall I put this delicately) overflow from many of my seventh-grade girls' shirts. It's more than a little embarrassing and I sedulously avert my eyes. But now I have a standing arrangement with a female colleague: If the decollete garment is too revealing, my colleague advises the girl to put on a sweatshirt or go to the office to borrow a T-shirt to slip over the offensive clothing for the rest of the day. If I were to say anything, I'd be accused of sexual harrassment.

11/23/2006 7:17 AM  
Blogger happychyck said...

What messaging are they sending? Oh, we know the message these young girls are sending, but I don't know if THEY KNOW how big and dangerous that message is. Oh, they know they want to look a sexy, but what they end up looking like is not what most of them are going for. They will vehemently deny that they look like prostitues. They think they just look cute. It's so scary!

11/23/2006 5:01 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Bluebird said...

California Teacher Guy, I have the same deal with Mr. Social Studies next door - he has me do the "girl" talks about dress code infractions. Not a problem. I worry about these kids and their blatant sexuality and their dress. But then again, I see some of my mothers walk in looking like strippers (okay, so only one really was a stripper, but still) and I can see where they get their fashion sense. Then again, MTV and hip hop videos don't exactly encourage modesty.

11/24/2006 6:28 PM  
Blogger Teacher lady said...

This is NOT your inner priss. This is your perfectly sane reaction to "the rise of raunch culture." I think I mention that damn book at least once a week on my blog and yours, but if you haven't read it yet, I truly recommend - esp. if you teach teenagers. It's by Ariel Levy. Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women & the Rise of Raunch Culture. Sad, but clearly true.

11/25/2006 1:03 PM  

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