Sunday, February 18, 2007


Ok, so I got some pokes from my first installment of the manifesto. I love it when people say "You can think what you want, it is your blog." Oh, thanks. Thanks for allowing me to have my own opinion. I really needed that.

I'll spare us all from a second installment for a day or so. Let the dust settle a bit.

Instead, I will brag that I had dinner with Senator Joe Biden, former Senator John Edwards, and former governor of Iowa and Presidential candidate hopeful, Tom Vilsack and his lovely wife Christy, and Representative Bruce Braley. Of course, 350 others joined us, but still, we ate food together from the same buffet, under the same roof. (county democratic fund raiser dinner). It's a great thing to live in Iowa- all the candidates come here and you get to meet them up close and personal. We take our caucus business pretty seriously.

In other news, our main floor bathroom is getting a makeover. We had little, hexagonal/mosaic tile put in as the flooring. It was like that "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" book, though. Once we got started, we just kept going. The plastic coated masonite glued to the wall? Ripped off, including some hunks of the plaster. We will put up bead board and paint it white. The huge, tacky globe like sconces? Gone. Replaced with much more appropriate chrome ones. The bronzed/antiqued/fugly toilet paper holder? Gone. Replaced with chrome. Ugly layers of wallpaper? Going- will have to scrub to get it the hell off the walls, but will be worth it. Ugly formica counter top on cabinet? Still trying to decide what kind of really cool surface will replace it. It's not that big of an area, so we're thinking about splurging on something extravagant, like marble. The tile installer discovered that our toilet had been bolted to the floor, but that the wax ring was really just sitting on the floor, not attached properly. It had most likely been that way for 40 years. It's so funny doing home improvement in an older home- you never know what you're going to get.

Next up: the upstairs bathroom. I have before pictures I'll share once we begin.

It is supposed to be in the 40's all week! Spring is almost here!


Blogger happychyck said...

I love your If You Give a Mouse a Cookie analogy! My brother just went through that with both of his bathrooms, but his was included replacing pipes. Old houses... I hope you do post pictures!

2/19/2007 9:27 AM  

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