Monday, April 30, 2007

April Showers

Just a few things:

1. Remember my cool heating grates? Well, some of them are on the floor, which is ok, except when there are earrings involved. I was trying to put a cool hair wrap in my otherwise uncool curly, curly, windblown locks and in my haste, knocked one of my cheap, Big Lots earrings into the depths of the grate to commune with the golf tee , cat hair, and dust bunnies. Or so I thought. I had written it off- not too worried, because they cost me all of 2 dollars. To be safe, I decided to move all of my stray jewelry off the dresser, away from the grate, to be stored in an undisclosed location. That's when I heard the small, metallic "clunk" of an earring falling through the grate. The other earring? It was miraculously still on top of the dresser. That still left one in the grate. What to do? I harkened back to my Brady Bunch days- remember when they went to Arizona and got locked in a jail cell by some psycho in a ghost town? The keys were hanging on the wall and they used Bobby's gum to get them? Well, that's how I got the earring. Half a piece of Hubba Bubba, one stray stick from the yard, and black earring is reunited with its life parter.

2. Minute Maid juice pouches aimed at the elementary school set should not have "Stick it here!" printed at the top. Yes, I know it's to indicate where to put the straw. But, "Stick it here!"? Um, no thanks. I'll stick it somewhere else. How rude. So is the Cheez-Its box that reads "Get Your Own Box!" Because that's
the kind of message we want to send. As if we all need to snarf entire boxes of salty, greasy cheese crackers high in calories, fat, cholesterol and other miligrams of artificial goodness.

3. I'm increasingly offended and intimidated by "helpful" computer messages that pop up. I think they are all written by the worst of the worst IT people (Mr. T is an IT person, so I can say this.) I wish I had a good example to give you. This isn't a great example, but my Internet Explorer has a new toolbar that I frankly don't care for. I clicked on the yellow star for "Favorites" and then my Blogs folder. It asked me if I wanted to open it a different way and I clicked "Yes". THEN, it told me "Are you SURE you want to do this? Opening 78 files could take several minutes." I must say, I don't really like its attitude. I feel like I'm talking to KITT (remember David Hasselhoff's car in Night Rider- or was it Knight Rider?

4. Raise your hand if your mid term grades were due today and you didn't get your 4th block's grades entered because you are a LOSER who has the best of intentions, but somehow always manages to drop the ball. You too?

Shawnee sent me some interview questions. Stay tuned!


Blogger happychyck said...

Oh no! I would not dare turn my midterm grades in late because the registrar sends out these intimidating e-mails saying things like, "There is NO GRACE PERIOD!" And I'm afraid that if I don't get my mid-term grades in, I'll have to hand-write all those notifications of failing students. I can tell you, though, that it was so dang busy today that I BARELY made the deadline.

5/01/2007 12:49 AM  
Blogger Adeline said...

how funny, I just had a clarification with my mom where she is reading one of those juice pouches and she is saying "well it says stick it here but where is here?" and i say "here, you stick it here" and she bends the straw in trying...anyway, finally we get to "well I don't know really where to stick it," and my inner 12 year old is guffawing at this the whole time. When I really know right where she should stick it, when she shows up randomly at 10 am.

I am always more free in my comments. I can say whatever i cannot say in my blog.

maybe i should just dispense with the blog and comment prolifically.

5/01/2007 2:15 AM  

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