Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Some thoughts:

Every now and again my Inner Priss does rear her perfect, prissy head. In this case, it has to do with any lettering, writing, messages or what have you that are printed across the behind of shorts and sweats-especially those marketed towards little girls and teenagers. I think children are over-sexualized in advertising as it is and having anything printed across one's behind just screams: "Hey! Look at my ass!" I'm sure it sounds a bit heavy handed to say that it exploits young people, but in a way, I think it does.

My students are way too freaking needy for me some days. I just need a little bit of time to do some correcting, enter some grades in the computer, gather my wits without a barrage of "Mrs. T, can I show you my work that I should have done a long time ago, but now I have it and I want credit for it and by the way can I have an update on my grade since I made up that quiz and I won't be here Friday so can I have my make up work?"

One of my students, who also happens to be quite needy despite his cool guy exterior, informed me that he's moving before the end of the term/school year. Why his parents aren't pushing for him to stay and finish the year, is beyond me. Would you do this to your child? Wouldn't you postpone the move a month or so and if you absolutely could not, wouldn't you arrange to have him stay with an aunt or a friend? Wouldn't anyone?

I deep-cleaned the front rooms (living and family) this afternoon. Let me first say that all the hype about the Dyson vacuum? Is true. Love the Dyson, save for the fact that it shows me how incredibly filthy my carpet is. And secondly, let me say that after vacuuming the couch and finding all kinds of crap in it, EWWWW.

We have a bowl full of the orphaned jelly beans from Easter. Pink, black, purple and a couple of white. Every year, it's the same. They are gathering dust.

And here is my Personal DNA. I think these things are such a kick. You know if I took this quiz again tomorrow, it would be different.


Blogger Nic said...

Congratulations on the new arrival!!! (My girls would tell you that I am annoyingly obsessed with my own Dyson..."Look! LOOK at all this crap! We were BREEAAAATTTTHHHING that!!!"

4/17/2007 9:41 PM  
Blogger happychyck said...

There is group of online moms who would not think you are a priss at all. They call themselves Moms for Modesty. I know a few IRL, too. One of them passes on hand-me-downs to my stepdaughter. Score!

Needy students--ick. I hate those days when I think I have designed the day so the students are on task and I can get caught up at my desk, but nooooooo, instead I end up dealing with issue after issue. Yea, it's always those students whose parents have finally checked grades online and have discovered their students have done nothing for weeks and something MUST BE DONE NOW!!!!!! Sure kid...not my crisis!

4/18/2007 6:57 PM  
Blogger parvenue writer said...

Thank goodness my Girlie is still only eight. She had a pair of shorts with some flowers across the ass and her comment was, "why would anybody want to wear shorts that make people look at their bottoms?" Very good question. I hate those things. Nice post.

4/19/2007 12:46 PM  
Blogger E. said...

Happy blogiversary! I've been thinking of getting a Dyson - glad to hear they're worth it.

I am with you on the words-across-ass phenomenon. It just seems silly to me.

So, it took me so long to answer your "Where did you play in Memphis?" question at in the comments at Oral Hygiene Queen that I feel compelled to answer it here too! So here's what I said:
I wish I could tell you we played at the Daisy Theater or some other cool Beale St. location. In reality, we played at an all-ages club located in a warehouse on the edge of downtown. It had a name, but I can't recall it. This was... January of 1998? I think.

4/19/2007 1:35 PM  
Blogger Ms. George said...

My Bitter Half outright refuses to let our daughter wear anything with words on the butt (I agree). This became a problem when his grandmother gave her pjs with 'let it snow' on them. He rationalized that we would be the only ones seeing it, so it was ok.
I think he just didn't want to upset his grandmother. Bless his heart.

4/19/2007 7:32 PM  

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