Friday, June 29, 2007

Of España, Harry and Milk

Spain was great- I even tried to post while over there, but the internet gods were not in my favor. I had a great time, the students were amazing travelers. I would take those kids anywhere, anytime. It was really cool to see them bond with each other and to experience a new country.
So, now I have returned and I have to say that jet lag has seriously kicked my ass. I slept the entire next day upon my return. The whole day. Who does that, aside from 15 year olds?

I am having a bit of a blogging slump, in case you'd not noticed. I find myself making small obervances during the day, a la Andy Rooney, or maybe Jerry Seinfeld-"Did you ever notice that....". Then, I don't follow up. But, I 'll share with you that it annoys me to no end that there is now standard for the color coding of milk. One dairy has blue for skim, red for whole, etc. So, if I get a different brand, there is the strong likelihood that I will bring home a gallon of 2%, which for me is tantamount to drinking half and half.

I am also annoyed by semantics. Why is it a "nail technician"? There is no part of me that wants a "technician" to tend to. Ew. "Guest teacher?" Please. It's a substitute. "Challenging"? No. It's a pain in the ass.

23 days till Harry Potter. I just may attend the Border's party. It's the last book, the last hurrah, I may as well. I am sooo excited about the book, but sad as well. I hate to see a good thing end.

We are having the house bat proofed. Some of my faithful readers may recall why. It's a lot of money, but so worth it. I am literally losing sleep over this.

Claire is off to camp on Sunday- just until Friday. She is very excited, I am feeling a little blue. I know she'll have fun, but it's a giant step out of the nest.

My birthday is tomorrow. Happy to me! In honour of the occasion, leave me a little comment. I want to see if we can beat my current record of 16 comments (one of which was mine, I think). Would love to hear from you! I've missed you!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Me Voy

Ok,I'm off. The honkin' bag is packed, the lists made, the students prepped. We fly out of Chicago this afternoon, and we wake up tomorrow in Spainland! We'll be based in Madrid for 4 days, with day trips here and there to Toledo, Segovia, then it's off to Sevilla, Córdoba, Granada and then Barcelona.

My year ended on a sour note. Mr. Prissy Pants Old Man in my department has delusions of grandeur and basically thinks he's the only one in our department who meets National Standards and throws a fit when he doesn't get his way. Luckily, our principal is on to him and listens, nods and then tells him "no" to whatever he's whining about.

On a funny note, Lydia dressed up her Bitty Baby in overalls and then told me, "Mom, I put the stuffed hay bale in his overalls and then called him Pregnant Man." It's the new superhero! Pregnant Man to the rescue! No time to fully expand on this - but the possibilities are endless!

Don't know about the bloggin' for the next week or so.