Monday, July 09, 2007

No Rest for the Wicked

Hardly a moment to catch my breath, let alone blog. Here's what I mean:
Let's start with last Friday. (June 29, night before my birthday).Blues Fest here in the Quad City area. Blues on the Mississippi, cold beer, 2 stages, mosquitoes and over-priced carnie food. Mr. T and neighbor went with their boys- the girls and I stayed home with neighbor's wife and daughter.
Saturday, graduation party, which was so lovely and I was honored to have been included. This is one of those students that I would actually hang out with and I am in a book group with her mom. She even sent me a thank you card for coming- I didn't do gift cards this year, just cards, it was getting too spendy for me.
Same day, I went to one of those home party things, which was actually fun and I bought nice things for entertaining. It was a "sandals and sangria" theme and I drank too much sangria and wore espadrilles instead, rebel that I am. Had to scoot outta there and head over to my mom's since she made a nice birthday dinner for me.
Sunday, met my cousin and his family (all 6 of them!) for lunch, they were passing through town. It was wonderful, they are such kindred spirits-just wish Maine were closer. They are staying with us this weekend, on their way back east, so we'll have more time.
After lunch, took Claire to Camp for the week. She was very excited to be there, and her counselor was a student of mine when Claire was born! Many of the other counselors and AC's are also students or former students and the pastor is the father of a student of mine. The nurse who checked her in is my co-leader in our Brownie troop, and we saw several other families we know as well. So, I didn't feel like I was just dumping her off in the woods for a week with strangers.
Got home (this is all still on Sunday), got a call from another cousin (I only have 6), who is in town doing this project. So, we hauled it over to the marina to pick him up, check out the rafts and brought him here for dinner. He ended up sleeping over- laundry and shower were calling his name.
Monday, swimming lessons for Lydia, who amazed me with her bravery. She was all nervous about being in the deep end, then jumped right in and kicked her little legs like she'd been doing it her whole life. They take lessons at a woman's home, and they have learned so much from her. Not being a terribly skilled swimmer myself, it's important to me that they are deep water safe.
Mr. T's family-aunt and cousins from Georgia, more cousins from Colorado, his other aunt that lives here and his brother all descended upon us came over for dinner on the porch.

Tuesday, the ubiquitous swimming lessons, then Mr. T and I went to see Billary in the afternoon. It was quite the thrill to see them both-don't care what side of the political fence you sit on, the man's got charisma.

Wed., the 4th, we had a bash- about 30 people came over for grilled burgers and keg beer ( soooo much easier than cans or bottles as far as clean up goes) and ended up at my mom's for fireworks. Hippy cousin and 4 of his friends from this project stayed over, and showered, for which I'm sure they were delighted- a solar shower just doesn't cut it after awhile.

Thursday required that I take them back to the rafts before taking Lydia to swimming lessons. One of the girls asked if I could then take her to Highway 61. I resisted the urge to ask "So you can revisit it?". I said sure, and asked where. She just said, "oh, just anywhere." I then realized that she was going to hitch hike up to Winona, Minnesota. This group of travelers frequently squats in abandoned buildings, they dumpster dive. Why not hitch hike? (Aside from the fact that it's extremely risky behavior and freaking stupid?) I had to get in my "mom" words of wisdom. If the person looks freaky, don't get in the car. If you are weirded out at all, don't go with them. All the while I was worried about her safety, I was suddenly struck by the fact that she herself could hijack my mini-van if she wanted. I sized her up. I figured I could take her if things got freaky. (I say this in jest, but you know how your mind can jump from molehill to mountain inside of 30 seconds sometimes.) I did end up dropping her off and she thanked me after slathering herself in SPF 50- you don't want to get a sunburn, or skin cancer while hitch-hiking, for Lord's sake! After we waved goodbye and I said a quick prayer to St.Christopher, I had to then explain to Lydia that this was something she should NEVER, EVER, Under Any Circumstances do. Too many messed up people in the world. I trusted this girl, but what about some sicko who could potentially pick her up? I'm trustworthy, but what about some psycho that I would theoretically pick up? Too much margin of error for me, with possibly fatal consequences.

Friday, we went to fetch Claire from camp. Mr. T jokingly calls it Jesus Camp, after the movie of the same name (shudder). It is a Christian camp, with more of a focus on the camp than the Christian. She had a blast- talked non-stop when we went to lunch, sang us all of the songs, let us in on all of the camp sub-culture.

Saturday, we caught our breath, Sunday we all went to Chicago with my mom to see Wicked- all but Mr. T. He caught the Darwin exhibit at the Field and was quite happy to do so by himself. No one tugging on him "Can we go? Let's go over there! Over there! There!" It was a wonderful day-great show, no traffic. Love Chicago.

Monday, more swimming lessons.

Tuesday, my cousins and their families met us at Adventureland. What a day- none of the adults were too much into the round and round, back and forth, nausea-inducing rides. But, what fun for me, my 3 cousins that I grew up with, their spouses and our 10 kids!

No wonder my laundry isn't done and my house looks like a tornado went through it.


Blogger Mister Teacher said...

Um... Happy Birthday?

7/14/2007 2:15 PM  
Blogger Bellezza said...

I'm so glad you loved Chicago. I've not been to Wicked, nor Darwin for that matter, but it is a lovely city. And laundry? That can wait.

7/18/2007 10:37 AM  

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