Monday, November 26, 2007

Memory Lane Monday

This is a meme I randomly stole from this guy:where where you 10, 20, 30, etc. years ago. The older you are, the more interesting it becomes.

10 years ago: I was teaching middle school Spanish - my 2nd year at that particular school. I was 7 months pregnant with Claire and just beginning to really show. We lived in the upstairs of an old duplex that was perched on a hill. It had a big bathroom, a big bedroom and a hideous slanty-ceilinged kitchen that was more of an afterthought. From the 2nd story were these death stairs that led all the way down to the creepy basement that still had a monstrous Kelvinator deep freeze that would probably violate all kinds of environmental codes had we tried to get rid of it. We used it for storage, although not for anything edible. Horrible and tiny as the kitchen was, the dining room was cute, complete with built-in corner cupboards. Across the front of the house was a cute room that was kind of like a sun room/sleeping porch, although it was heated. When we moved in, we weren't planning a family, so it was our office/spare bedroom that was used for our friends to crash in when they were too drunk to drive home. It became the Baby's Room.
I had just taken the GREs and seriously almost went into premature labor because I drove all the way over to the test site and didn't have my photo id, went back to get it, only to discover that my dear husband had brought it there for me. The proctor lady looked at me with these panicky eyes and told me calmly that everything was fine, that I had enough minutes to spare. I think she thought I was going to birth a baby right then and there.
I was also taking a night class- Statistics, ugh. It must have been weird for my classmates to watch my belly grow- I didn't know any of them and didn't make friends, so I didn't announce to them that I was pregnant or anything.
Why the GRE? Why the Stats class? Well, my plan was to go to grad school and pursue a degree in Speech and Language Pathology- kind of tough for someone without the undergrad major, but some of my classes would have transferred. I did get conditionally accepted to the University of New Mexico in Las Cruces and was offered a deal in which I would work in the public schools as a SP assistant - primarily in a bilingual setting. It all sounded great, until I had a baby and my life totally changed. I decided that we needed to bloom where we were planted, and we were planted here.

20 years ago: I was in my freshman year of college up on the Prairie, or Tundra as we liked to call it. I had surrounded myself with a cast of characters and was really loving dorm life, believe it or not. I had done the typical college things like drank way, way , way too much - good thing it was something already yucky like Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill. Bummer if it would have been something good that would have ruined my taste for it forever. My girlfriends and I had dubbed Thursday nights Poker Night, because we would play poker and drink and laugh. None of us really knew how to play poker, so that was funny- we would bet crazy things and it ended up being more like True Confessions. I had this wacky roomate who was from this itty bitty town in northeast Iowa and she had this huge, ultra religious family who all had names like Marlene, Riva Dean and Jethro. Okay I made up the Jethro, but the other 2 are real. She once announced to a room full of people discussing illiteracy and how none of us could imagine not being able to read, "My dad can read.. he just can't read so good." Yeah. She was sweet, though, and always seemed to be really mellow- we later speculated that it wasn't Perrier and orange juice she was drinking, because that bottle of Perrier never seemed to run dry. We think she was sucking down hooch, putting herself in a perpetual state of buzz. ANyhoo, she worked for the University catering as part of her work grant/financial aid and had to wear black pants and a white shirt- classic. She had just done laundry and came back upstairs and said in her stoner voice "everything's pink." And I just lost it- rolling on the floor laughing- then she made it worse by hanging up the wet pink supposed to be white clothes all over our room! I did take pity on her and gave her one of my white blouses.

30 years ago: I was in 3rd grade and had a wonderful, wonderful teacher. I still remember how the room was set up and how she treated us like people and weird random things like Rachael going home sick one day and getting ready to go, pulling Wonderbread wrappers over her feet before putting on her green and gold lace up boots. I remember thinking that I would be mortified to put such things on my feet. My friends and I went through a phase where we wore crazy socks and then rolled up our jeans so as to show them off. Sometimes, I got to go to my friend's house after school and play and how fun was that??? I loved the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, although the movie was of course forbidden, being really lewd and all. In gym class, along with our usual square dancing unit, which we bitched about but secretly liked, we also had a couple of disco lessons. We had a student teacher, I think, because the regular gym teacher would never have indulged us with that.
That Christmas, we went to Joliet to spend it with my cousins and my grandma came from D.C. She drove us nuts- my youngest cousin was sure that she was going to demand to open all her Christmas presents first, because "she's the oldest".

40 years ago I was not yet born, so have nothing to offer here.

If this meme speaks to you in any way and you'd like to steal, steal away! (isn't that a Doobie Brothers' song?)



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How fun! I love wandering down memory lane--even other people's!

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