Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Snapshot

Sunday, I wrote:
I took a picture of my mantel. I'll post it tomorrow.
Too tired.

Edited Monday to add:
Ok, I may have messed up my NaBloPoMo by editing this. Oh well.
This is a picture of the mantel in our den. It was once wood-burning but previous owners converted it to gas. We use it all the time, as our big ol' house can be quite drafty on a chilly evening. The painting is of my grandparents' home in Bangor, PA. A friend of my grandma's painted it and then it was bequeathed to me.
The clock really chimes, but I get tired of maintaining it. If was just the winding, it would be all right, but it also tends to lose about 15 minutes a week, so I am constantly having to reset it. Hippy overnight company this summer couldn't stand it, so she picked it up and moved it into the other room. Can you imagine being so presumptuous at someone else's home?
The hurricanes are filled with the infamous gourds and pinecones. This summer I filled them with sand and seashells. At Christmas, I've done candycanes one year and vintage glass Christmas bulbs another. In January, I have some silvery blue/snowflake things I put in them. In February, I fill it with some kind of Valentine candy and at Easter I put jelly beans in the bottom as the base and then a candle.
The burgundy walls are not my fave. It's paint over textured wallpaper. We will eventually paint over the paper because taking it off will probably involve huge chunks of wall falling off.


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