Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thirteen Parent-Teacher Conferences

Last night we had p/t conferences from 4-7pm. I love a 12 hour day! I had a total of about 27 conferences in those 3 hours. Here are some highlights:

1…. Mousy Girl's parents- we were all delighted that she is getting a 96% after struggling and hovering around a pesky 89%. She's been studying and guess what? It shows! Yay!

2. Boy who is a dead ringer for Beaker of Muppet Show fame- nice enough kid, sort of socially clueless. His dad is a 4-alarm nerd, however. Almost to the point of being a charicature of himself. Yikes.

3. Annoying Cocky Jock Boy- parents concerned that there is a "personality conflict" (read: I don't much care for their asshole of a son and don't put up with his shenanigans.) Actually, they were very nice, very supportive. I had their older son and he was wonderful. This kid is a pain.

4. Clueless Boy- dad came screeching in at 7:02 (did I mention conferences were from 4-7?). I was very glad I got the chance to talk to him- found out that he (the dad) is part Hispanic and speaks it and is willing to help this poor child study.

5. Unlikely Homecoming Queen Candidate- I had this girl in Spanish 1, 2 and now 4 and just love her to death. She's not the greatest student, but she works awful hard. She's getting a high C/low B right now. She's not happy. She wants an A. I don't know if she's capable. How do you tell a parent that? Or a student? I didn't. I just encouraged her to keep working hard and doing her best.

6. Goofy Sleepy Inarticulate Girl- her mama is about to wring her scrawny neck because of her grades. She is a sweetie of a girl- so unorganized and probably overextended with several jobs and now basketball. Something's gotta give and it's been school.

7. Brawny Smart Obnoxious Boy- last term his dad came and I was so distracted by the little growth/skin tag hanging out of his nostril, I could hardly concentrate. I felt like Elaine and her old lady with the big goiter. Happy to report that it's been taken care of and I could properly direct my gaze when talking to him.

8. Wise Beyond her Years Not Working to Potential Girl- delighted to meet her mom. Mom knows her daughter is responsible, wonderful, and yet only does what she needs to do to get by with a B or C. She wants to be an obstetrician, to which I commented that that will require some serious schooling. Her mom nodded, and said she'd tried to impress that upon her daughter, and that she'd considered some other career options as well.

9. Dumb as a Post Girl- failing- mostly because she doesn't study and can't conjugate a present tense verb in Spanish 3. (!) Mom was kind of a wimpy, dopey woman. Girl doesn't understand that she can't just show up and get a good grade for that.

10. Irish-looking Boy- his mom was hilarious! She told me she worked at the Butt and Guts Shop as a nurse. (Center for Digestive Health/G.I. doctors) She said she was usually pretty hands off, but her son's grade dropped to a B and she said she wasn't going to have any of that shit. Oh, she was funny.

11. The One Boy Who Gets It- well he's been slacking off on his homework, so his grade slid - his parents are not happy. He promised them that he wasn't going to let the allure of being lazy prevent him from doing his work. His dad gave a good natured eye-roll to that one.

12. Amazingly Linguistically Gifted Girl- dropped a class and now is a TA for me- so we spend half the school day together. She is one of those kids who gets it right away and almost effortlessly. I love her mom, too.

13. Young Republican Girl- seriously, this girl about flipped when she saw my Obama sticker on my van. She luuuuurves Mitt. (or Rudy? I can't remember....)Anyway, I had her brother a couple of times and he is the most organized student I've ever had. Good natured, he'd make a great politician some day, and I mean that in the best way. Once he was going to be gone and he asked for his assignments and I couldn't give him specifics that far in advance, and he just shook his head at me- told me I should get a day planner. But I digress. Sister is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but all of a sudden, things are clicking for her. Her mom was thrilled!

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Blogger Professor J said...

Bless your heart -- parent/teacher conferences never sounded like much fun to me.

11/30/2007 5:00 AM  
Blogger HappyChyck said...

I can picture then all!

At my last school we did open house conferences where parents just came wandering it. It's like speed dating or something. All I know is that I was mentally dead by the end of the night. I'm impressed you could remember so much and make it amusing, too!

11/30/2007 7:59 AM  

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