Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We interrupt this class with... well, everything.

A couple of weeks ago, a Sophmore class meeting was called during 2nd block. Students were dismissed to the auditorium and returned to class about a half hour later. I don't actually have a class during 2nd block, so it didn't affect my classes, but I still knew about the meeting. I noticed that several of them had brochures about class rings. So, I asked the kids what the meeting was about. They told me it was pretty much all about the class rings. Brand new baby administrator girl swears that there was other important information given at the meeting, but seriously? Class rings? We've got like 30 percent of our kids on free/reduced lunch!

Today, I had like 6 kids (out of 28) leave at 2:15 (we are dismissed at 2:35) to attend a "signing". This is where an athlete signs on to a collegiate team - usually with some promise of a scholarship. It's a big to-do- the media comes, there's cake, a select few get invited AND get out of class 20 minutes early. I think it's great that kids get scholarships, I really do. But, do they make a big deal when someone aces their SATs? When they make it into a really competitive music program? When they are accepted to a prestigious school? I think not.

We have a food drive every fall. To raise money, the student council has some kind of eating contest (donuts, hot dogs, pudding, pie) . The kids pay money to enter, and then, if they want to attend the event, they pay a dollar and are dismissed from their 4th block class at 1:50. First of all, doesn't it kind of mock the whole notion of being hungry? Stuffing oneself to the point of gluttony and vomiting is really in poor taste.

During Homecoming week we have auds to announce the court, to announce the winners and there is a short pep rally on the school lawn the day of the game.

Every now and again, I do like a break from class, I truly do. But I think it's gotten out of hand.



Blogger Adeline said...

school announcements crack me up. They are so lame and ridiculous, when our administrator was new, it seemed like he just really needed to be in touch all the time with everyone with every thing that happened. he would announce that the 7-11 up the street had just experienced a crime so, er, maybe don't go there?

but the irony of it was that our campus consists of like 85 buildings (i kid, but it is the largest hi skool in oregon) so he would only ever be distributing his very important announcements to a portion of the school at any time. It took him awhile to figure out that other people weren't hearing these announcements about say, the drywall strikers.

oh there was more irony, no one every listened to the announcements, and i will always smile when i think of my very very politically correct colleague with the jurist doctorate who was also infinitely sensitive about ELD students saying "Well it doesn't matter, most of them can't understand the announcements anyway"

teehee. gotta love some honesty...

11/21/2007 1:18 AM  
Blogger Jason Bengs said...

I am glad to know that it happens in other places too. I just remarked about the same thing yesterday and then I read this post.
Too bad we can't teach for all the extra stuff some days.

11/29/2007 12:22 PM  
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