Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Welcome to Stepford, I'll be your Teacher

Currently, our district has hopped on the "Let's All Be on the Same Page on the Same Day" bandwagon. They want us all to give common assessments, which I don't feel is too bad for the final exam, but find it to be a little dictatorial when it comes to quizzing and testing throughout the term. They want us all to agree to and then commit to using the same weighted grading scale- and when I say all, I mean all of us in the World Languages department. This includes teachers at 3 high schools of 2000, 1600 and 1200 students, as well as 6 middle schools that have anywhere from 400 to 750 students each. Teachers in general tend to be a bit verbose, but language teachers take it to a whole, nutha, level. So, the likelihood of us all agreeing on a grading scale? Slim to none.

I know that the reasoning behind this is theoretically to create more equity in the education that our students are receiving. I am not opposed to equity. However, I have a certain teaching style, as do all teachers, and I think my quizzes, etc. should reflect that. Unless every single kid is taught by the exact same person, I don't see how this can play out.


Blogger Coco said...

Our district is changing towards
having its teachers all be on the same page...I don't like it : (

Came by thru MsABC Mom : )

I teach 3rd gr at New Haven Unified School District in CA.

This school year is my 29th year teaching!! Wow, I can't believe it!

Have a wonderful week.

11/06/2007 8:57 PM  
Blogger Adeline said...

How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat??!!!!

11/06/2007 10:07 PM  
Blogger HappyChyck said...

We've been though bouts of this Stepford teacher syndrome. I think we teachers are going away from it, as nobody is really forcing the issue with us anymore. It is a good theory, but it is a struggle. I've lost a good amount of my teaching personality trying to keep in step to everyone else.

11/07/2007 12:32 AM  

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