Saturday, December 22, 2007

Kiss the Cook, hell! Just offer to do the dishes...

I'm tired and my hands smell like butter. Perhaps that is because since 1:00 pm this afternoon, I have cooked/prepared the following:

1. Potato-leek soup to be reheated tomorrow, when I will add cream to it.

2. Sugared/spiced pecans

3. Toffee bars(this turned out to be a baaaad recipe from Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, usually pretty good for the basics)

4. Gingerbread cookie dough for cutouts

5. Chocolate crinkles (to die for- also from BH & G cookbook)

6. Salad dressing for spinach salad I am taking to the T family gathering-it's a sweet/sour dressing - the salad has hardboiled eggs, bacon bits and sliced mushrooms.

7. crust and filling for "classic Colorado quiche" from the Denver Junior League cookbook. It's basically a spinach/cheddar/mushroom quiche that is supposed to have bacon in it, but I am opting for serving bacon alongside it.

8. salad fixins for tomorrow's brunch salad (fresh spinach, sliced almonds, thinly sliced red onion, tangerine with red raspberry dressing. This would also be tasty with a spot of blue cheese, I think...)

9. Pecan sandies (aka Mexican wedding cookies/Russian teacakes. I just call them a really good use of butter. They are the perfect cookie.)

Tomorrow's brunch menu:

Passionfruit mimosas (Loozo nectar and chilled cava from Spain)

Potato-leek soup
Italian peasant bread

Spinach cheddar quiche
Raspberry tangerine spinach salad
bacon- (extra crispy because that's the way it's the best)

locally made peppermint stick ice cream with Nestle's famous chocolate wafers

While I cook, I watch the Food Network- that Sandra Lee has got to go. All her damn ziploc bags that she squeezes everything out of. Her signature sound is the crinkle of those bags. And how does she - actually WHY does she have to make some wacked out cocktail for every freaking meal? Today she was wearing this off-the-shoulder sweater and all I could think of was the SNL bit about Martha Stewart's topless Christmas special.

Also? The Starbucks eggnog chai latte is a bit much. The peppermint mocha is a much better choice, as is the gingerbread latte. I'm just sayin.


Blogger Professor J said...

I'm thinking somebody should DEFINATELY offer to do the dishes.

12/23/2007 9:02 PM  

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