Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On the Second Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me: 2 Presidential Candidates and A Former NBA Star

As if the last day before Winter Break wasn't going to be crazy enough, we had to have it be a 2 hour early dismissal day. In high school student lingo, this translates into "let's have a party and do no work". Grinchy-Claus that I am, I planned to have my Spanish 3s take a quiz. We met for an hour, thhere's a lot you can get done.
Well, as if having a 2 hour early dismissal wasn't going to be crazy enough, the Hillary Clinton people decided that our school would be a perfect place for them to make an appearance. She's trying to visit 99 counties in 99 days or some such. As it turned out, Hillary didn't come visit, but her husband and inarticulate family friend, Magic Johnson DID. Have any of you had a president or vice president or former president ever come to your school? It's kind of a pain in the ass- the secret service people come a day ahead and "sweep" the building- it'd be nicer if they ACTUALLY swept the building, but no...
When I taught middle school, Vice President Al Gore came for a visit and it was insane. The press people didn't like our shabby stage curtains, so they ended up bringing in some kind of panel to put in front of it. The kids didn't quite get how big a deal it was that the vice president was coming and mocked the secret service people, walking behind them, swinging and singing "Secret! Agent! Man!", which was, in fact, quite hilarious. There were snipers on the roofs of the neighboring buildings; we were all ushered into 2 classrooms after he left and we had to stay there for 20 minutes; we were all wanded before entering the gym and absolutely had to be on The List.
So this Bill visit wasn't such a big deal, although there were s.s. people in the building and they built a little fence around the platform from which he spoke. I think he forgot that his target audience was a bunch of high schoolers, because he was talking about mortgage reforms and healthcare and yada yada yada. He also kept referring to Magic Johnson as "Magic", which I think is absurd. I know it's his name, but really. Does he have children named Smoke and Mirrors? He seems like a nice enough chap, although public speaking is not his forté. It was almost embarrassing.
I won't even go into the students' reaction to Bill, other than to say that I am very surprised at the number of ultra conservative students out there- probably their parents' influence.
Here's a photo- whether you are a fan or not, it's still kind of a thrill to have any former president come visit your school.

Oh, and here are a few people Mr T saw at a banquet last weekend:

The winsome, albeit long-winded Joe Biden.

Yes, the above picture is of Walter Mondale. When my husband told me he was going to be there, I of course replied, "Is he still alive?". No, that bottle of Bud you see is not his- I cropped out the part of the picture that shows our friend- he's the one holding the bottle.

The caucuses are just about 2 weeks away. People from all over the country are here doing their thang for their candidates. And it's freaking COLD! And snowy! And icy!
As exciting as it all is, at this point, we'll be glad to have them over with.


Blogger Professor J said...

I know it must be a pain, but I think it is still pretty exciting to have a former president visit your campus.

12/20/2007 8:51 PM  

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