Saturday, January 05, 2008

Mr. T's Understudy (not THE Mr. T. MY Mr. T)

I was sitting at my appointed hall duty spot during my prep the other day when I saw one of the girls that went to Spain with me last summer. She was with 2 other friends. They all stopped to chat. I asked the obligatory "Where are you supposed to be?" since it was between classes. They said they were supposed to be in Lifeguarding, but no one brought their stuff, so their teacher said they didn't have to swim that day. Whatever. Just let your students roam the hall. That's fine.
Anyway, one of the girls says to me "My dad thinks you're cute. He saw your picture in my yearbook and now he wants to go out with you."

Well, I guess it's true. You ARE the age you teach.


Blogger HappyChyck said...

Well, if you haven't already checked "being hit on by a parent" on your bizarre teacher incidents list, now you can.

(Did you want me to explain RSS? Eegads! Now I feel dumb as hell. It stands for Rich Site Summary, which is like, you know, I don't know. Something about making information easily accessible and up-to-date. Er, uhm...if you subscribe to an RSS aggregator, and link the sites you'd like updates on, you can see the newest information when it comes in. I use Bloglines to keep up on my "feeds", that is all the blogs I like to read, and I know GoogleReader is popular, but there are tons out there. If you have something like this already, you really knew what it was but didn't know the technical terminology. If you have not idea what I'm talking about, you should look into it. It will change your life!)

1/05/2008 7:12 PM  
Blogger Professor J said...

Wow. "My dad likes you that way. Next thing you know, he'll pass you a note that says check here if you like me too.

1/06/2008 9:43 AM  

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