Thursday, January 03, 2008

The results are in!

It is amazing the number of people who have traveled from across the country to help out a particular candidate here in Iowa. Even Rory Gilmore came with the Obama people to write about the campaign. Oops, I forgot. She's not a real person. Good thing, because I think the storyline had her placed in Eldridge, Iowa, which is predominantly Republican farmers.
I got roped into helping check people in at the caucuses tonight. We had 296 people show up. 166 people were for Obama, 67 for Edwards and 63 for Hillary. Our county had 48% in support of Obama, a 10% lead over the state's results. It was really cool to see all these people in our precinct- parents of former and current students, co-workers, people we attend church with, people we've known our entire lives, neighbors, my high school French teacher. C-Span televised the caucus in Des Moines - at the high school my mom graduated from. I don't know if any of you watched it, but it's kind of cool to see how it all works- especially how the 2 parties have much different procedures. It's all very exciting and I am very proud to have participated. I was glad to see Obama win with 38%. I remember first hearing of him when he ran for the Senate- we were at a Father's Day parade in Geneseo, IL and people were passing out his flyers. I was like "Obama? Who is that? And what's with his name?" Then I saw him speak at the Democratic National Convention on tv. Then I saw him speak in person- and not even as a presidential candidate- he was stumping for a man running for Congress in Iowa- Bruce Braley. Then, I was hooked. I am amazed and disgusted that in the year 2008 there are still apprehensions about having a black man as president. What the hell? Who thinks like that?

And don't even get me started on the Huckabee and his not believing in Evolution issue. It's like this commercial, only instead of chocolate and peanut butter, use the words "church" and "government". Keep the government out of church and keep church out of the government :


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Congratulations on your participation and on your win! It was an exciting night.

1/04/2008 9:06 AM  

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