Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sleepover Recap

Well, I survived the slumber party. Very little drama and very little snark. Only one girl (out of 5) went home early- had a stomach ache. Her mom kind of predicted it. I think this girl had her self psyched up about it and ended up making herself sick.
For the most part, my kids have pretty nice friends, but I will say that 2 of the guests last night about drove me to drink. Well, not "about"; Mr. T and I enjoyed a nice bottle of Black Opal Shiraz- on sale for $5.99, woo-hoo!

One girl kept asking "What are we going to do next? What are we going to do next?????" and did things like STAND on my furniture. I have a little Victorian chair in my dining room- it was my great aunt's. It's really just for show- she was standing talking to me and put her foot on it like she was going to stand up on it - good thing she didn't . She was argumentative and snotty. She ran around and screamed and then asked if we could turn off the fireplace because she was hot. They were doing a craft downstairs and I was upstairs hiding from them and drinking a glass of wine on the computer . I was trying to be hands off and let them be. She came upstairs to announce that she was done... She was definitely high, high maintenance.

The other girl kept talking babytalk-*shudder*. She also has this really, really, really annoying voice, which she was very comfortable using. Loudly. I forced back the urge to offer her a bag of Shut the Hell Up.

So now I'm a member of "the club". I learned that they really just want to hang out together- no need to plan a lot of activities. They didn't eat as much as I'd planned for . And, my tolerance for gratuitous screaming? Very low.


Blogger Sunshine said...

It seems like no matter how much you teach and hope for otherwise, your kid will always have that "one" friend who is rude. Oy.

1/26/2008 3:43 PM  

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