Monday, January 28, 2008

State of the Union

Well, according to our president, NCLB is a bipartisan effort, a good law and is quite successful. Math scores? On the rise- the highest in years. Reading scores are also on the rise.
Boy, am I relieved!
I want to know just where is he getting this information? Oh, I know he's got people gathering it FOR him- it's the nature of his job, but still? What test scores are we manipulating here, anyway? I'm also upset by his universal assumption that if kids' test scores are low, it must be because their teachers are crap. Crap! What would happen if parents and students were also held accountable for test scores?
I have horrible thoughts of all these schools teaching to the tests- their students in little communist China uniforms, reciting math facts, their schools' mottos: "Arbeit Macht Frei". Work harder, get those test scores up, then we'll be free! We'll have no soul and no dignity and definitely no creativity, but dammit, we'll be free!


Blogger Professor J said...

Amen, Mrs. T!

1/29/2008 10:53 AM  

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