Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Forum

What are everyone's picks for the Oscars?
Do you think they are rigged? Do they make decisions based on whether or not people have or haven't won before? Does race matter?
I am not even sure of what movies are being considered. I loved Juno and Hairspray, and I think those are the only ones I've seen in the past year. Oh yeah, Waitress, which I also loved. I've heard good things about Bella. I'm not sure of other movies that came out in the past year that would be considered.
As far as the awards, it does seem that some actors get black-balled, while the Academy seems to LOVE everything that certain others do. So, I don't know. I enjoy the Red Carpet banter on E! and I make my post-Oscar list of movies to see, but other than that I feel quite out of the loop.


Blogger Mrs. Bluebird said...

For someone who grew up in L.A., I'm so totally not into the Oscars. So totally not into the Oscars that I, for the most part, haven't a clue about any of the movies that are nominated, let alone a lot of the actors and actresses. I think the last movie I saw was Harry Potter this past summer, and I live two miles from a really kick butt theater...but I just don't seem motivated to go. And I haven't much bothered with the Oscars after Saving Private Ryan didn't win for best picture.

2/18/2008 7:31 PM  

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