Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter People

Yesterday, at Easter mass, the priest was talking about "Easter people". He told this story about going on RAGBRAI (bike ride across Iowa)with his brother and his brother's overweight, out of shape friend, who, as he described it, was riding a bike that had no business being on the road. His bike broke several times each day- flat tires, broken axels, broken chains... But, he made friends with all the repair people and got to know all kinds of other people on the ride and greeted them by name and started each day with a smile, ready to take on whatever was put in front of him. Many others would have become discouraged and given up miles ago, but not this guy.

Do you know any Easter People? Are there people in your lives who just keep going, no matter what, and don't get discouraged? In the season of Easter, if you celebrate it, and definitely in the Spring, there is rebirth. Small patches of green poke up out of brown, dormant lawns; little leaf buds appear on lifeless branches; flowers poke their heads through the snow. Look for Easter People. Try and be an Easter Person.


Blogger Sojourner said...

I like the RAGBRAI story. I admire anyone who can keep going through the heat and the hills of Iowa. I did one day of it once (that was all I planned on), and it was tough going on a good bicycle by one who was at least semi-prepared. I know a few Easter People. Meeting some here in blogland. Thanks for the nice post.

3/27/2008 11:37 PM  

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