Friday, March 14, 2008


So, my kid who is failing, but needs my class in order to graduate? Didn't show up yesterday OR today. I can't really in good conscience pass him.
As far as my chronically tardy kid, one commenter suggested rewarding him for being on time. The kid is 16 and cocky as hell. I'm not going to go there with him. His reward will be not having Saturday school.
I have next week to get through, then a bunch of kids will fail (they are failing already, mostly because of attendance and non-work) and they won't be back for D term and the dynamics of my classes will change completely. I am amazed at the big Lazy Train that so many of them seem to be riding. I hope it's not a trend.

My book club is meeting this weekend. We will be discussing "Islands in the Stream"- not the Kenny and Dolly song you may so fondly remember, but the Hemingway novel. I'm having a Hemingway block and thus have not been able to get into this book at all. Anyone out there able to give me an appreciation for him that won't make me roll my eyes and think about how seriously this guy takes (took, I guess, since he's deceased) himself? Help!


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The Lazy Train. Heh. I like that. Your issue with the tardy kid would stump me, too. Sometimes there is nothing that you can do that makes a big enough impact of a student. Dang tough cases. Around here he just keep dealing and say, "Sometimes you have to let the kid hang himself." It just seems like a slow painful hanging sometimes...

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