Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thirteen Days of Lost Instructional Time this Term (aka Quarter)

1. 1st day of term In order to NOT have our finals mid-week and start a new term the very next day, followed by a 4 day weekend, we added 2 days to B term.

2. 2nd day of term See #1.

3. 1/2 Snow Day In anticipation of a big storm, we spent the morning fussing about it, they called a 2 hour early dismissal at about 9, which meant the rest of the day was pretty much shot.

4. Snow Day One of the few that was actually warranted.

5. Snow Day This one was just to give maintenance and Public Works a chance to get streets and parking lots cleared.

6. ITEDS That would be the Iowa Tests of Educational Development for those of you out-of-staters.

7. First Spree Aud I guess some places call them assemblies. They announced the candidates for Spree King and the band played and they introduced the winter sports teams. We were on an alternate bell schedule, but still, it messed with our day.

8. Second Spree Aud They crowned the Spree King and the Show Choir performed.

9. Pep assembly for Boys Basketball tea A big send off to the boys as they prepared for round one of the finals.

10. State basketball game Not an early out, but also not a normal day- kids excited to go on the fan buses (6 student buses and 2 adult buses).

11. Day after game That would be today- lots of kids gone because they got back late and stayed home to sleep. Others just stayed up in Des Moines because they are playing again tomorrow, since they won yesterday.

12. 3 hour Early Out Yes you heard me. 3 hour early dismissal so everyone can make the 3:30 game in Des Moines tomorrow.

13. It's out of order, but I also was gone one day in January, so they kids did sub work, which isn't the same as me being there.