Sunday, March 30, 2008

Your 1996 Theme Song Is: 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins

Shakedown 1979

Cool kids never have the time

On a live wire right up off the street

You and I should meet

Mr. T and I did have the pleasure of seeing Smashing Pumpinks in Iowa City in 1994. Who'd a thought we'd ever be nostalgic for the 90's?


Blogger HappyChyck said...

Sometimes I'm nostalgic for the lack-of fashion in the 90's. Man I could go for some baggy jeans, t-shirts, and flannel!

3/30/2008 10:24 PM  
Blogger Adeline said...

I think I am still in the nineties in some ways so nostalgia for these things seems like fondly remembering the cheese sandwich I ate yesterday.

3/31/2008 12:41 AM  
Blogger Bellezza said...

I'm Smashing Pumpkins, too. I hope that's a good thing. What does it mean when you don't even know some of the music groups they ask you? :)

3/31/2008 8:46 PM  
Blogger Mrs. T said...

Belleza- it means that the people who write those things are children!
Happychyck- lack of fashion in the 90s? Really? I thought I was soooo fashionable in my Doc Martins. I miss it, too.
adeline- I know. I keep forgetting that the 90s are pulling away from us, and quickly at that.

4/01/2008 6:32 AM  

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