Thursday, April 03, 2008

El Sucko

Today my colleague and fellow trip planner were talking to a student about our trip next summer to Mexico and Costa Rica. He asked what the exchange rate was and I said that for Mexico it was pretty good. We explained that we wouldn't be going to Spain because it would be soooooo expensive. I even cleverly, or so I thought, interjected that the value of the dollar vs. the Euro was "el sucko". He just looked at me. "El sucko?" he said. "Aren't you a teacher?"

Um yes, yes I am. I'm a teacher, but I'm NOT FREAKING DEAD! Now, be gone! And grow a sense of humor over the weekend!


Blogger Adeline said...

ew thumbs down on his rude response.

once i was telling a coworker how cool KISS was (is it not obvious that this would be just slightly tongue in cheek?) She asked me how old I was...I was 24.

el sucko is a perfectly appropriate response to a poor exchange rate.

4/04/2008 6:53 PM  
Blogger HappyChyck said...

Ugh. Kids with no humor. How dull.

4/04/2008 10:37 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

AMEN! I hate that we're held to some sort of proper teacher standard all the time. Sometimes, when the situation calls for it, I'll use slang, and I ALWAYS get busted for it. Grow a sense of humor, indeed!

4/05/2008 7:53 AM  
Blogger Mrs. G. said...

He will never make it to my suckalicious list-what a bore!

4/06/2008 5:57 PM  
Blogger Mrs. T said...

ooh, I like "suckalicious". Will have to add it to my list of made-up words.

4/06/2008 8:10 PM  
Blogger Professor J said...

I worry about kids sometimes.

4/07/2008 9:34 AM  
Blogger The Vegas Art Guy said...

suckalicious? What a sucktacular word! I also like El Sucko...

Perfect gringlish if you ask me...


4/15/2008 11:27 PM  

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