Sunday, September 28, 2008

The post that was going to be, but wasn't , and now it is:

Where, oh where has September gone? I've actually sat down to post several times, but have backed off. Why? I guess I wasn't willing to devote the time and energy, to give of myself- needing to process some things internally before I "go public" with them.
So here are some things I was gonna write about:

1. Sarah Palin- "thanks, but no thanks". 'Nuff said. (Actually, I could go on and on and on, but it makes my blood pressure go up about 17 points.)

2. Little buggers in my 4th block class- 3 in particular who are making my life hell.

3. Our dog and our new lives as Dog Owners.

4. McCain's publicity stunts that are couched in "policy" and him being a "maverick". November can't come soon enough.

5. That I hate that our parish festival is called Oktoberfest, but it is always held in September and it's always super hot.

6. That I did one of the nerdiest things in my professional life EVER, which was to invite administration into my classroom when I did "learning stations" with them.

7. My review of Chris Bohjalian's book Double Bind. I liked it. It has a big "twist" that I sort of saw coming, but was surprised anyway.

8. How absurd it is to have my teaching interrupted by the sound of what seems to be a pack of 40 dogs barking, but in actuality is probably only 2 or 3.

9. How ridiculous it is that we have 17 girls up for Homecoming Queen. 17.

10. How hypocritical it is for people to criticize teachers for "not implementing technology" in our classrooms, and then not give us any technology to implement. Case in point: teachers at our school are having to spend departmental curriculum monies on projector bulbs on media carts. Students who are preparing to take the AP French test have no working tape/cd players and headphones so that they can practice their listening skills. The World Language dept.'s grant submission requesting a media cart (complete with ELMO, projector, etc.), that would be shared between 6 teachers, has been rejected 3 times now.

So instead of writing about all those things, I'm going to give you recipes for 2 yummy side dishes.

Black bean and Corn Salad
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
2 cups frozen corn
1 red bell pepper, chopped into bite-sized pieces (use less if it's a big pepper)
chopped onion to taste
juice of 1 lime
handful of chopped cilantro (or not, if you don't have it or don't care for it)
optional:diced jalapeño, seeds removed
1/2 pkg of your favorite taco seasoning

Toss everything together. If you make this first, then set aside, the corn will be thawed by the time you eat.

Sweet Potato Fries

preheat oven to 450º
4 sweet potatoes
pumpkin pie spice
2 TB cooking oil

Scrub taters. Leave skins on. Cut into thick wedges- put in bowl. Toss with 1 tsp (ish) pumpkin pie spice. Drizzle oil over taters. Toss to coat. Put in roaster or the bottom part of the broiler pan. Pop it in the oven for 30-40 minutes, until taters are done. Stir through them about halfway through cooking time. YUM. And, they are sooooo good for you! My kids even like them!


Blogger Sojourner said...

The sweet tater fries sound great. Going to have to try that one.

So many topics, so little time! If you look at my blog I haven't had a "real" post in a couple months. So don't feel bad.

9/29/2008 9:28 AM  
Blogger Adeline said...

the black bean and corn salad is good and you can use it in a burrito too if you put it in a pan with some cream cheese to make it alittle creamy.--in the tortilla top it with tomatoes cheese avocado or whatever good taco-ey items are about (green onions...)

yes very good. and yes the technology issue is constant. we get nailed for not using technology when often there is no technology to use... except for those who were "lucky" and those who bought their own.

9/29/2008 10:55 PM  
Blogger HappyChyck said...

Work sucks! Let's eat! You crack me up!

9/30/2008 8:32 PM  
Blogger Bellezza said...

I'm sad Sarah Palin is so loathed by so many.

But, I'm happy about your sweet potato fries recipe. I've developed a passion for them, and I can't wait to try this!

10/06/2008 7:29 PM  

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