Monday, November 03, 2008

A Book Meme for Monday

Lifted this from Mrs. Chili.
Hardback or trade paperback or mass market paperback?
I have no easy answer for this. There are some books that I choose to buy in hardback- all of the Harry Potter books, for example. Cookbooks should be in hardback. Sometimes I get incredible bargain books that are hardback as well. I prefer the trade paperbacks for most books, I guess because I like the size of them. "Beach books" can be mass market.

Bookmark or dog-ear? I am a terrible steward of the bookmark. One year a woman in my book club gave all of us these cool beaded book marks that had charms on them with the name of our book group. I think I actually lost mine between her house and my car. I would like to say that I exclusively use a bookmark, but I would be a liar. I sometimes have idiotic bookmarks like coupons or junk mail or gum wrappers if I have any at all. Truth be told, I often dog-ear, which i know is bad and wrong and not good for the book. I've always been a bit of a rebel.

Alphabetize by author or alphabetize by title or random? Neither. I group by genre first, then by author, but not necessarily alphabetical. In certain parts of the house I tend to group by size- we've got some books on top of the piano, for instance, that are grouped because that's where they fit best.

Keep, throw away or sell?
Well, definitely not sell and I would never throw a book away. I used to be of the keep, keep, keep mindset, but I'm not so incredibly sentimentally attached to books. I keep those I like a lot and would read again. Others, I either toss in my Goodwill bag, or pass on to friends. I get more enjoyment out of sharing them with friends than hoarding them on my shelves.

Keep dust jacket or toss it?
I like to use the flaps of the dust jacket to mark my place. If I am going to be carrying the book around, I tend to take off the dust jacket so that it doesn't get ripped. I would never toss it.

Last book you bought?
Down River, by John Hart. It's the next selection in my book club. Publisher's Weekly commented that Down River "should settle once and for all the question of whether thrillers and mysteries can also be literature." We shall see.

Last book someone bought for you? Not as an official gifty, but just to be nice, my friend tossed me some missing Janet Evanovich titles to round out my collection.

What are some of the books on your to-buy list?
I really want Mario Batali's new Spanish cookbook. Not really sure- I'm kind of an impulse-buyer in the bookstore.

Collection (short stories, same author) or anthology (short stories, different authors)? For some reason, I steer away from short stories, even though I generally enjoy them and remember them pretty well. I once described it as me wanting a full meal as opposed to just a snack. I'd have to go with the anthology, as it provides a look at so many authors and styles.

Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket, or the velvety embrace of Death? Harry Potter, hands down. I thought I could get an HP fix with the Lemony Snicket books, and I think the author seems delightful, from what I saw/heard on an interview, but the books weren't much to sink my teeth into. Speaking of which, I am gearing up to start the Twilight series and am quite looking forward to it.

Morning reading, afternoon reading, or nighttime reading?
Aint we got fun? "Of course", "yes!", and a "heck yeah!" to all of those.

The books you need to go with other books on your shelves? I don't really get the question. So, I'm going to respectfully decline to answer it.

Do you read anywhere and anytime you can or do you have a set reading time and/or place?
I read whenever I can. I bring a book along wherever I go in case I get stuck waiting.

Do you have seasonal reading habits? Yes and no. I think certain types of books are just winter or summer books. I like to read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn in the winter, Anne of Green Gables in the summer.

Do you read one book at a time or do you have two or more books going at once?
I usually have several going- my book club selection, something non-fiction, something epic and something light.

What are your pet peeves about the way people treat books? I don't know. I tend to treat my books nicely, so that they look brand new even after I'm finished reading them. I don't tend to write in my books, but know of several people who underline and write commentary all over their books and that intrigues me. As a kid, I remember wanting a favorite book of mine to have a well-worn look to it and purposely scrunching every page. I've cracked open the binding so I could read a book easily with one hand. So, I guess I'm Switzerland on this one.

Name one book you surprised yourself by liking.
The Harry Potter series- I had no interest in reading this, it wasn't my usual genre. I also had no interest in reading The DaVinci Code, but ended up loving it.

How often do you read a book and not review it on your blog? Every now and again. Is that non-specific enough for ya?
What are your reasons for not blogging about a book? I guess time, or I think no one cares, or that it will seem like a 5th grade book report.


Blogger Adeline said...

interesting meme. book rebel you are, dog earing a book! me too, guiltily the whole time. i'm lemony snicket though, my stepdaughter introduced me to him and sudoku, bless her heart.

11/04/2008 1:59 AM  
Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

A lot of my erudite friends poo-pooed DaVinci Code. I find that most of those people lacked the requisite ability to suspend disbelief. It was a fantastic book for what it was, though, and I enjoyed it very much.

11/04/2008 5:45 AM  

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