Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not mine to tell, but I'm going to anyway...

Overheard in a colleague's classroom:

Teacher: "I've been to the Louvre and the Prado."

Student: "You've been to the loo? TMI!"

Student: "I didn't know Prada had a museum."

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Illinois, You're Putting Me In a State! *

Happy Tuesday! Yes, well, it seems as though I blinked and now December is one third of the way gone.
I won't bore you by telling those who live in warmer climates how awful cold it is here. Or about how for the last few mornings the first thing I do when I stumble out of bed is NOT pour myself a cup of ambition (points for those who get the reference...), but rather log on to the computer and go to Wishful to see if school is canceled or at the very least delayed. To no avail. Every outlying area school district was canceled because of icy conditions, but all of us in town had to suck it up and go. There are a couple of rural districts that I wonder if they EVER have to go to school in the winter. Really- it can be flurrying and the crawler on the local tv station will have them canceling the night before! Our current superintendent used to live in Duluth, MN, however. He never cancels school. "Cold? Snow? You people don't know from cold and snow!"
I also won't bore you with how mad I am at Blagojevich, the bastard. First, he reminds me of a principal we had at the school where I currently teach, though he was never MY principal. He hailed from Chicago. He wore a gold chain. He had a similar-ethnicity-sounding last name. His response to the French teacher saying "Bonjour!" to him in greeting, was a sound "Whatever!" in his best Joe-Chicago accent. Yeah, he got caught soliciting a prostitute just a few blocks from the school and left town never to be seen or heard from again.
So, Blagojevich? I'm so pissed at him. He closed this cute little town, which I have very fond memories of visiting. Our 5th grade class took a field trip there. We have lots of locals with Swedish ancestry. Grrr. The Carl Sandburg birthplace in Galesburg? The Hauberg Indian Museum? Kickapoo State Park? We had Kickapoo Krunchie on the school lunch menu when I was a kid! He's taking away my childhood!
Ok, so last night, I thought he'd redeemed himself by telling that bad ol' Bank of America to go fuck themselves. He's standing up for his people, right? He's got their back.
Riiiiight. And then today? I find out that he's been trying to sell Obama's Senate seat to the highest bidder. What? Seriously?
The thing that really pisses me off about it is that now he's dragged Obama's name into it. He's sullied it before he's even been inaugurated. Bastard.
Oh, and the previous Illinois governor? In jail. So, do we rename the Cook County Jail the Governor's Mansion?
I know you all are probably thinking that I live in Iowa, what do I care about Illinois. But, I live right on the border- the metro area I live in is very much IA/IL. I can see Illinois from my school (not my house)- really. So, the guvna? In a word: Bastard.

*Taken from old Illinois Dept. of Tourism ad- "Illinois, you put me in a haaaapy state!" Anyone remember that one besides me?