Thursday, January 22, 2009

Guest Poster

Hey y'all- I decided to get the hell out of the frigid midwest and head down to Texas! Well, in a bloggy sort of way. I'm guest posting today over at Learn Me Good. Apparently I wrote the Post That Ate St. Louis.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Can I freshen your drink for you?

Everyone comfortable? Have you met any new and interesting peeps? Anyone need anything while I'm up?
Ok, Mrs. Chili's teacher blog is a good one- especially for Grammar Geeks like me. Mrs. Frizzle is like a famous teacher blogger who has recently traveled the world. I was first attracted to her blog when she posted all these pictures of New York at Christmas time.
Ms. George is even more of a Harry Potter fan than I am! Ms.Whatsit, coincidentally posted about collecting social bookmarks in December. She writes about a lot of cool, techie educational stuff. Ms ABC Mom is another kindred spirit- similar birthdays and daughters the same age AND habla español! Glad she's back- she's been gone for a few weeks and I've been concerned. Ms.Teacher is mom to 3, a great teacher and an Obama supporter! La Profesora de español got me hooked, then left me hangin'. Hopefully she'll be in more of a bloggy mood soon. NYC Educator makes me feel like I've got a friend in New York. He also jazzes up his posts with nice pictures.Guusjem is an amazingly dedicated school librarian and also loves Betsy-Tacy books, as do I. Rooster and The Mayor's mom is the funny lady who gave me a ROFL award a few years back when I wrote this post. That was super good for my ego. Sra.Profe is another Spanish-teacher type I like to read. I can't figure out if it's a coincidence or if we are just drawn to each other, or if we, as a group are just generally more verbose than your average bear.Oral Hygiene Queen once wrote a hilarious post about realizing her skirt was a wee too see-through for wearing at work and had to fashion a slip out of found objects. Oh, and she flosses regularly, too. Pendullum is a master story-teller. I think we crossed paths because of Kevin Charnas. PetitHiboux? gone. Petite Anglaise is a real-live author and writes about living in France as an English woman.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday-itis Revisited

In about 12 hours I will be back at school, a place that I left happily on the sunny afternoon of December 17, anticipating and then getting a snow day on the 18th. I haven't been back since. That PILE of papers I brought home to correct hasn't left my bag. Tomorrow I will wake up earlier than I have all of Christmas break. I will slip slide away down the sheet of ice that is my alley. I will park over in BFE and trudge into school, coffee cup in hand. I will be assaulted with the overly bright flourescent lights in the hallway and the loud voices of students who are psyched to see their friends and show off new clothing and accessory purchases made with Christmas and Hannukah money but NOT to do any actual, well, you know, learning.
So, to make my day all the more interesting, I'm going to make a game out of it. I am positive that I will encounter the following during each of my classes tomorrow:

1. Student who asks "Can we have a free day today?"
2. Student who asks "Can we just sleep today?"
3. Student who asks "What are we doing today?", and not in an enthusiastic way.
4. Student who comes in insanely late.
5. Student who understands not one word of Spanish that I will assault them with.
6. Student who asks if we are going to have any homework.
7. Student who asks if we can just watch a movie.
8. Student who sleeps so soundly that snoring and/or drooling ensues.
9. Fire or Tornado drill.
10.Student still on vacation.

I will not encounter any of this:

1. Fights- they will all be too tired.
2. Christmas cards or gifts that anyone forgot to give me before break.
3. Students who are sad that our semester is coming to an end.
4. Good coffee in the office or lounge. (or anywhere else)
5. People happy to be back.

What the hell am I going to have my students DO tomorrow???? 7:45 am is sooo freaking early. They are just not going to be in the mood at all. And neither am I.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Open House Day 3

Are you still here? Let me introduce you to Her Bad Mother. I got hooked a couple of years ago when she profoundly wrote about the concept of Santa Claus. Hobo Teacher doesn't let you leave a comment, but I still like it. They don't need my 2 cents worth of anything. Hilarious writings of what goes on at school. Laura Huertero is another one of us Spanish-teacher types- she not only has great ideas for classroom stuff, but she graciously shares them on her blog. Don't bother with the Imagine link, cuz there's nothing there. Miss Profe is yet another Spanish teacher type- she teaches Middle School, bless her. Izzy Mom is another one from back in the Early Blogging Days. She always has these really snazzy headers that I covet shamelessly. John Spencer is a young teacher with excellent taste in music. He has just started a new blog that focuses entirely on education. I don't know where he's gone, but Kevin Charnas is one of the funniest people in my little corner of the Blogosphere. Kids Dish is Girlfiend's food blog. She writes a lot about stuff that a) her kids will eat and b) is organic, natural,locally grown AND tasty. Mama Tulip is up in Canada raising a sweet little family. She was here, then she disappeared for a time and then came back. Minnesota Matron has recently scared the living shit out of me regarding my bloggy-anonymity. Oy. Mother Goose Mouse just had a baby boy last year. She lives in Colorado and I think I first was intrigued by her blog because of her book list. I think. Mr. Teacher is author of the book "Learn Me Good" and has a weekly column, as well.

If I keep going, at this rate I should be finished by the MLK holiday.
See you later!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Open House Part 2

More guests for you to meet: (I'm just going down the blogroll, which isn't working right now, for those of you who use it.)

He's listed twice, but not for any other reason than my own ineptitude and the fact that Blogroll is not working. I'm talking about Corky, who writes about his young son and other hilarious topics. I can't remember how I stumbled upon his blog, but he made me laugh, so I blogrolled it. Miss Señora is no longer doing the teacher blog thang, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. Death by Children - the name says it all! The Lovely Mrs. G over at Derfwad Manor is my blogging idol. She is definitely someone I'd love to hang out with and she blogs almost EVERY DAY! Props to her! Plus, she's introduced me to the idea of the Secret Boyfriend(s). Dolce over at Dolce Bellezza loves books, red lipstick and perfume. She is my kinda gal. Plus, her son is a lot like my husband was when he was a young lad, so I feel a kinship with her. Kristin is a blogpal from my early days of blogging. She's got 2 boys and a little girl and is very funny. Another bloggy friend from the early days is the talented Wendy Boucher, who in addition to being a lawyer and talented artist, has published 2 novels! Given the date of her last post, though, I am thinking she's bid farewell to the blogging at least for a while. Check out Fred's World next. He's a teacher in Florida and has 3 lovely daughters- one of them was even Homecoming Queen! Girlfiend is another mom who has decided to take a break from teaching to stay home with her babies. She's got 2 boys now and it's been fun watching them grow up on her blog. Happy Chyck was one of my very first readers to comment and I feel like I know her. She blogs about teaching in Las Vegas- and she blogs about other stuff, too. She tells a great story- I particularly enjoyed her Thanksgiving stories one year.
I became a fan of Haven Kimmel when I read her wonderful book "A Girl Named Zippy". Her blog is a delight to read.

Have a drink and some appetizers- I'll continue the introductions tomorrow!


To the Jackass in the Target parking lot: Yes, you are indeed a Jackass for going around the polite person in front of you who was STOPPED because of that red stop sign in the middle of the yellow-striped bit of concrete in front of the store. That person was stopped because it's a cross-walk and people, including me and my children, walk across that part and it's supposed to be safe for them. So, when I call you a jackass, don't get all indignant and self-righteous, because you clearly were in the wrong and you could have run over someone in your impatience.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

A New Year's Open House

I'd like to invite you to my New Year's Open House, which is logistically a tad different than your usual Open House. All are welcome, of course. Those on my Blogroll are already here, so I'd like to introduce you to them. Some I "know" well, others just acquainted with, still others I've lost touch with and haven't yet taken care of that on the blogroll. I can't remember how I came across most of them, but for some reason, their blog spoke to me in such a way that I decided to Blogroll them.
So, starting from the top, I've got Sunshine, a fellow Iowan and amazing blogger- mom to 4 great kids. IBaMath Teacher is a math teacher up in the hinterlands of Minnesota. I've been following his blog for several years now- he's got quite the knack for pointing out the ridiculousness that we all encounter in the American high school. I wish I were fortunate enough to teach with Ms.Cornelius, as I enjoy her blog immensely. Her ability to recall lines from favorite movies is awe-inspiring. Cupcake's tales of her Geniuses will make you laugh so hard you spit coffee all over your monitor, so be careful! I don't get over and Antique Mommy as often, but I do enjoy her musings of motherhood. She's definitely always real, she's not kidding. Next, head on over to Apathy Lounge. Her writings of working with kids in inner-city schools were spot on. April May is one of several blog acquaintances who have had babies since I've been doing this. She is a mom to 3 fabulous boys now. Don't bother clicking on the "Are we doing anything today?" link, because it is a blog that is no longer in service. Too bad, because I really liked it, especially the tagline about students walking into her classroom every day and asking "Are we doing anything today?". I've been following Stefanie's trials and tribulations with her 3 girls, including tiny Sadie for quite a while now. She's published several books and is a kick to read. Mrs. Chili unfortunately lives clear the hell over in New Hampshire, otherwise I'd be over at her house enjoying some of her good cooking, exchanging book, music and movie suggestions. Mrs. Bluebird is one of those rare, wonderful souls who seems to "get" middle schoolers. We should all be so lucky to have a teacher such as her. California Teacher Guy has had a rough time of it this past year, but because of his faith and his boundless optimism and energy, he keeps on keepin' on. He's truly an inspiration.
Not just another "Daddy Blogger", Crouton Boy over at Cheeky's Hideaway is always a fun place to check out.
Definitely a kindred spirit and as much of a Language Nerd as I am, Adeline is mom to 2 lovely little girls and is taking some time away from the classroom to be with them. I feel like I know her- too bad she lives all the way over in Oregon!
Here's a new aquaintance, Miss Teacha. I like her because she's so honest- I especially like her Blog Disclaimer. You go!

That's a lot for one post, so I'm going to let you all just mingle for a while. Talk amongst yourselves, if you will. If you are just arriving, give me a holler in the comments. I'll continue this post....