Thursday, January 01, 2009

A New Year's Open House

I'd like to invite you to my New Year's Open House, which is logistically a tad different than your usual Open House. All are welcome, of course. Those on my Blogroll are already here, so I'd like to introduce you to them. Some I "know" well, others just acquainted with, still others I've lost touch with and haven't yet taken care of that on the blogroll. I can't remember how I came across most of them, but for some reason, their blog spoke to me in such a way that I decided to Blogroll them.
So, starting from the top, I've got Sunshine, a fellow Iowan and amazing blogger- mom to 4 great kids. IBaMath Teacher is a math teacher up in the hinterlands of Minnesota. I've been following his blog for several years now- he's got quite the knack for pointing out the ridiculousness that we all encounter in the American high school. I wish I were fortunate enough to teach with Ms.Cornelius, as I enjoy her blog immensely. Her ability to recall lines from favorite movies is awe-inspiring. Cupcake's tales of her Geniuses will make you laugh so hard you spit coffee all over your monitor, so be careful! I don't get over and Antique Mommy as often, but I do enjoy her musings of motherhood. She's definitely always real, she's not kidding. Next, head on over to Apathy Lounge. Her writings of working with kids in inner-city schools were spot on. April May is one of several blog acquaintances who have had babies since I've been doing this. She is a mom to 3 fabulous boys now. Don't bother clicking on the "Are we doing anything today?" link, because it is a blog that is no longer in service. Too bad, because I really liked it, especially the tagline about students walking into her classroom every day and asking "Are we doing anything today?". I've been following Stefanie's trials and tribulations with her 3 girls, including tiny Sadie for quite a while now. She's published several books and is a kick to read. Mrs. Chili unfortunately lives clear the hell over in New Hampshire, otherwise I'd be over at her house enjoying some of her good cooking, exchanging book, music and movie suggestions. Mrs. Bluebird is one of those rare, wonderful souls who seems to "get" middle schoolers. We should all be so lucky to have a teacher such as her. California Teacher Guy has had a rough time of it this past year, but because of his faith and his boundless optimism and energy, he keeps on keepin' on. He's truly an inspiration.
Not just another "Daddy Blogger", Crouton Boy over at Cheeky's Hideaway is always a fun place to check out.
Definitely a kindred spirit and as much of a Language Nerd as I am, Adeline is mom to 2 lovely little girls and is taking some time away from the classroom to be with them. I feel like I know her- too bad she lives all the way over in Oregon!
Here's a new aquaintance, Miss Teacha. I like her because she's so honest- I especially like her Blog Disclaimer. You go!

That's a lot for one post, so I'm going to let you all just mingle for a while. Talk amongst yourselves, if you will. If you are just arriving, give me a holler in the comments. I'll continue this post....


Blogger Adeline said...

No kidding, my husband asked me who you were and I said you were a blog friend in Iowa. I saw a comment from you from like 2 years back!!

we're practically internets sistahs!

I have to recommend also my friend russianteachermom who just started to blog too...

1/01/2009 9:43 PM  
Blogger CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Thanks for giving me a nod, Mrs. T. I don't know about that "boundless optimism," but I do keep on keeping on!

1/01/2009 10:25 PM  
Blogger MsAbcMom said...

This is fun! I will have to check everyone out. Happy New Year!

1/02/2009 12:29 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Chili said...

If you're ever in New England - ANYWHERE in New England, you MUST let me know. I'll totally come and get you and cook you some dinner!


1/02/2009 7:11 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Bluebird said...

What a wonderful list and I hope you do it every year. I've already picked up on some new blogs to check out, thanks to you. And thanks for the beyond kind words. I'm humbled.

1/04/2009 11:59 AM  
Blogger Mister Teacher said...

Just a generic comment/question...

I used to enjoy reading California Teacher Guy's blog as well, but recently when I've tried to go there, it says it's locked off and I'm not invited.

What's up with that?

1/04/2009 5:47 PM  

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