Saturday, November 06, 2010

Oh, hello....

... where have I been? Oh, well, like many others, I have been lured away by the social network that is known at Facebook. (hanging head in shame...) I'm not going to lie, I do enjoy reconnecting with people. Maybe it's because I live in a big small town. I have made some really good re-connections and have rekindled some friendships. I am appalled, however, at the amount of dirty laundry people air- yikes!

I have often asked myself how the blog differs from the Facebook (I like calling it "the Facebook"- makes me sound kinda retro and folksy). With the blog, I feel like I have "friends"- although I've not been such a good one with the abandonment and all. I actually find myself thinking about some of you and awkwardly telling some of my friends IRL about you..."yeah, my uh... friend in New York/Las Vegas/Portland/Kentucky/California".... it's kinda weird, although perhaps no stranger than the pen-pals people had years ago. I do like the anonymity of the blog- very few of my friends and virtually none (? I hope) of my family members read this. I like to write and this is such a wonderful outlet for that- and connecting with people professionally. In some ways, I don't feel that I can express myself as freely on the Facebook. I have co-workers and former students as "friends", so I keep it pretty light. I can let loose a bit more on the blog. Having said that, I also feel the need to maintain anonymity to a degree, which goes against my nature.

I'm sure I've lost all of my previous followers. Perhaps they will return? Or maybe I will get a whole new crop.